Holiday Gift Ideas #2: Spa Ginza, Chocolate Body Wrap

Chocolate lovers can indulge in the good stuff without counting any calories this Christmas.  Spa Ginza offers a luxurious Chocolate Therapy Wrap that is suitable for all skin types.  The sixty-minute treatment will boost the spirits of even the most stubborn, saggy cellulite.

The treatment begins with an exfoliating sea salt scrub and gentle massage, after which warm, dark chocolate is spread over the body and left on the skin for twenty minutes to work its magic while you drift into sweet dreams of candy land.

While chocolate was once thought of as a junk food and blamed for skin problems such as acne, beauty and health professionals worldwide have started acknowledging its positive attributes, and a wide range of chocolate skin products have started appearing on the market.

The caffeine found in chocolate works as a powerful anti-oxidant, fighting wrinkles and firming the skin.  The cocoa butter softens and moisturizes skin, leaving it supple and smooth, not to mention sweet smelling.  Imagine basking in the scent of chocolate brownies, truffles, and hot cocoa all the while tightening and toning your butt.  Who needs a treadmill when you’ve got chocolate?

Price: $95


About Julie Blake
Julie Blake is a Canadian writer based in London. Her work covers a broad range of topics including travel, health and well-being, food and beverage, spirituality, and popular psychology.

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