Diamonds are a girl’s BFF: Microdermabrasion at Clinique Modica

For those who are looking for a serious facelift without the cosmetic surgery, microdermabrasion may be an interesting option to consider. Due to the profound restorative effect that the procedure can have on aging or damaged skin, dermabrasion has been steadily gaining momentum since the mid-90s as a safe and effective facial treatment. Particularly effective at abolishing fine lines and acne scars, it was listed as one of the top five treatments for women and men in 2010 by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Diamond dermabrasion is a form of exfoliation that uses a mechanical wand to remove and vacuum dead skin cells from the face, cleaning out clogged pores, and increasing circulation to reveal a more youthful complexion. While there are different types of wand tips available (crystal, diamond, and nylon/bristle) it’s no surprise that diamond wands are often seen as the most effective.  After all, who wants the cheap stuff when it comes to your face?

Diamond dermabrasion machines come with an assortment of tips of varying sizes, allowing the treatment to be customized to the patient’s individual skin condition. The more traditional crystal tips, while still commonly used, have been shown over time to pose potential health hazards, with shards occasionally remaining in the pores or being inhaled. Side effects are rare, although people with sensitive skin may experience some redness and or soreness for an hour or two after the session.

Treatments should be painless, and with a good skin care professional they should even be relaxing. It is important to go to a reputable spa or clinic to ensure that top quality equipment is being used.

Clinique Modica in Westmount offers a luxurious diamond dermabrasion and Champagne facial package, which takes about 90 minutes and treats the face, neck and chest areas. After exfoliation, the skin receives an application of high quality oxygen cream that penetrates deep into the skin’s cells and works to revitalize the dermis and cleanse the pores.

If you are looking for a quick fix and instant results, this is not it. 3-6 treatments are normally required to fully remove scars and to achieve optimum “healthy glow” results. Even so, for many this process beats surgeries or chemical peels hands down in terms of cost and safety.  If you think of all of the years of stress, sun tanning, dirt, and the makeup you’ve put your skin through, a couple of hours seems like a small price to pay for radiant skin.

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Price: $215 (Diamond Dermabrasion & Champagne Facial)