Holiday Gift Ideas #1: Balnea Spa, A Winter Wonderland

Marc Couture, 2007

After all of the last minute shopping, family gatherings, and holiday parties, most of us are in desperate need of a real holiday.

If Santa was wise, he would be buying up every last gift certificate for Balnea spa in Bromont, Québec.  Balnea has created a near-perfect oasis away from the bustle, with so many pleasures in store you will need to spend the whole day.

The indoor spa area includes a Turkish eucalyptus bath, dry sauna, relaxing room with reclining chairs and a fireplace, a chill out room with a fish tank wall, and a nap room which is covered in comfy floor cushions. There is also a lounge serving slow food, smoothies, and select wines, with a massive bay window overlooking the serene lake and forest landscape.

You can get up close and personal with nature in the outdoor thermal spa, which includes snowy walking trails, a dipping pond, hot tubs, a waterfall, cold pools, and heated terraces.  Balnea’s “soul chamber”, a sweat lodge nestled into the hillside, is reputed as one of the quietest places on earth.

The therapeutic benefits of exposing the body to warm water followed by cold water (sometimes called “Kniepp” or “hydro” therapy) are well documented.  With a list of perks like: improved sense of well-being, regulation of blood pressure, boosted immune system, and increased circulation, a trip to Balnea may just be the best Christmas gift you could give yourself this year.

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Price: $55