Holiday Gift Ideas #3: Ovarium, Flotation Bath

For the workaholic on your holiday shopping list, why not invite them to take a load off, literally?  All they need to do is slip into one of Ovarium’s personal flotation baths and their body will instantly become weightless (thanks to the help of 2000 cups epsom salts.)   These soothing baths allow the body to completely relax and float free without the trip to outer space.

Being in a weightless environment frees up 90% of the central nervous system, allowing it to function at optimum levels.  The proven results: harmonious communication between the two hemispheres of the brain, improved sleep patterns, balancing of emotions and increased concentration and creativity.

Ovarium offers a half day package called “The Essential” which includes a one hour flotation bath followed by a one hour massage.  After floating isolated in a silent, womb-like tub for sixty minutes, the body achieves a heightened sense of perception, making the massage feel all the more enjoyable.

Ovarium offers another interesting treatment called Pulsar which will supposedly trick even the chronically busy mind into a state of submissive relaxation, similar to the alpha or “dreaming” state.  In this state of mind, one is able to solve complex problems and visualize clearly, while adrenaline levels are reduced and positive endorphins are increased.  A session is likened to meditation, with all of the benefits and freshness of mind, but none of the effort.

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Price: $122 (Essential)